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  • BH Ultralight: Ridden, Reviewed, Revered

    As the saying goes, “there’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed”, the same can be said as it relates to riding one’s own bike.


    Indeed, once a test ride is over, and the review is finished, as exciting as the experience may have been, the desire to retreat to my own bike like a finely sprung mattress and perfectly feathered pillow – always prevails.  In fact, until recent, I had been riding the same bike since 2008, which constitutes the longest period of time that I’ve kept anything high performance – cars included. Which begs the question why ? Well, the simplest answer is, because the bike possessed a level of “synergy” beyond any previous bike that I had owed. And, for the record, synergy is a word that I use to describe the harmonious relationship between all working parts that gives a bike a sense of balance and poise that endures. Lofty !

  • Exclusive: Time Skylon Frameset First Seen

    Over the weekend, we had the distinct honor of being the first bike enthusiasts to see the new Time Skylon road bike in the flesh – here on American soil. And, it didn’t disappoint !


    The Skylon represents Time’s first real foray into the “aero” bike segment. However, unlike  most bikes vying for that distinction, my first impression of the new bike, above and beyond the French brand’s usual, exquisite attention to detail and fit and finish, was the handsome stature and elegant lines of the Skylon.

  • Exclusive Look at Time AKTIV Fork

    I finally had the chance to see Time’s new AKTIV “dampening” fork in the flesh last weekend. And, like everything from Time, it was a work of both engineering genious, as well as beauty.


    Suffice to say, that Time has revolutionized the bicycle fork, with the first ever application of an internal dampening system, that was taken right out of the pages of Formula 1 Racing technology.  

  • 2015 BH Range of Road Bikes

    I betray no secrets when I say that I have a profound love of BH bikes. In fact, in previous articles, I’ve even gone so far as to get out my “purple crayon” and muse about how I pursued the exotic brand deep into the lands of Spain –  long before it made it’s presence known here in the USA.

    So, needless to say, when I had the chance to speak with BH’s North America Sales and Brand Manager, Gene DiMenna, about the updates to the 2015 road range, I busted out my sombrero and castanets – and was all ears.

  • Lazer Helmet Tests the “Cappuccinolock”

    Lazer brings its products to a higher level by innovations of all kind, always staying ahead of the competition. This vision will now be applied in the testing of our products. Aside from extensive conventional testing, conform to what the market expects, Lazer is now introducing ‘Extreme Testing’. For this purpose they have hired the Lazer Stunt guys ‘Mike Plasterman’ and his loyal assistant ‘Juan Disasterplan’.

  • Assos GOOMAH G733 Reviewed

    In addition to being a loose translation for the term “mistress” in Italian (at least in the mafioso sense), I recently discovered that it’s an obscure, off-shoot brand of bike under the auspices of Assos clothing.

    Apparently, in and around the same time these Swiss sartorialists were cutting their teeth on lycra, they were also doing the same with carbon.

    According to Assos, their brand holds the distinction of having a hand in the creation of the first, or one of the first, carbon fiber bikes back in 1976. And, while the historical enormity of this claim warrants further investigation, Assos has maintained over the years, an inner “skunk works” division called- Werksmannschaft, which has pledged to carry on the vision.