Product Review

  • Ata is definitely the place to go for a great fitting!

    The new fit is amazing. I couldn’t believe just how off the other shop had it. He watched me ride for about 20 seconds, had me stop, moved my saddle way up and more forward. He checked the new angles with his video capture and it was dead on. Just like that – one try and he had it perfect. It took me a good two days’ worth of riding to get used to the new positions, but now that I am I’d never go back. My back doesn’t hurt, my knee feels better, I have way more power on hills. It’s great!!

  • “Your bike is more school bus than race car”

    It seemed silly to schedule a bike fitting at Husam Sahin’s boutique shop in Concord, Mass. After all, I already possessed the perfect bike— a 54 cm Cannondale SIX. The SIXstreaks across the frame as if the bike smeared it by sprinting away from the assembly line while still wet. Mostly pure white, it’s got delicious racy-red highlights—just like me.

    My Cannondale has a name“Maverick,” after Tom Cruise’s “need for speed” character in the Eighties blockbuster Top Gun—and a track record. Mav and I typically average 20−21 MPH in races and often earn one of the day’s top female bike splits. We came within seconds of breaking the bike-course record in our second triathlon ever; in his saddle I was called an “effing speed demon” by a male racer as I effortlessly sprinted past during my first-ever Olympic-distance race.

  • ATA Cycle and FitLab is truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

    ATA Cycle of Boston, Massachusetts

    Originally posted on 09/16/2014 by Buddie Samson

    Fitting Your Bike To You

    ATA Cycle is the home of one of the most advanced and intricate methods and tools designed to help find a perfect fit between rider and bike: The FitLab. As we all know, everybody is unique. And as such, every body is unique. As such, the FitLab is a combination of techniques and tools to make sure that you are sized up and fitted with the best frame and selection of components based on your body. These tools, techniques, frames, and components will help each rider increase power, comfort, and control while riding.

  • Chamois Cream: “It Ain’t About the Taint” !

    It Ain’t About the Taint


    A few years back, a jar of Friction Freedom chamois cream somehow came into my possession. And, while the product did an admirable job of protecting my “landing gear’ as most other creams have, I was astonished to see the brand use the word “taint” in it’s choice of wording as it related to the application of their product. To wit:

  • A Closer Look at the Lightweight Urgestalt

    I recently had the rare opportunity to take an up close and personal glimpse at the new Urgestalt frameset from the “uber” lords of carbon fiber, at Boston’s premier bicycle boutique – ATA Cycle. Let me also say, that to anyone’s knowledge, this is the first and only frameset to have arrived in the USA thus far. And, while other cycling publications and journals have had the pleasure of reviewing the Urgestalt as well, I had the unbridled privilege of holding it, weighing it (which seems to be paramount to any frame review these days) and examining it “warts and all” – with the utmost impunity.

  • Reynolds RZR 46 Carbon Wheelset Reviewed

    Over the last few years, I’ve shied away from deep section aero wheels over concerns regarding instability during windy riding conditions. I’m a Tom Cruise size guy (only, according to my wife, I’m much better looking  ;) ), and on many occasions in the past, when riding deep profile wheels, my bike and I became a veritable  “sailboat” on windy days. So, for that reason I’ve been riding wheelsets that feature a low profile rim section. And, while most of them have offered excellent performance in the way of versatility and lightweight, given their lack of aerodynamic properties, my ability to stay onboard with the most spirited of “group rides’, or an occasional race, has at times put me at a deficit.

  • BH Ultralight: Ridden, Reviewed, Revered

    As the saying goes, “there’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed”, the same can be said as it relates to riding one’s own bike.


    Indeed, once a test ride is over, and the review is finished, as exciting as the experience may have been, the desire to retreat to my own bike like a finely sprung mattress and perfectly feathered pillow – always prevails.  In fact, until recent, I had been riding the same bike since 2008, which constitutes the longest period of time that I’ve kept anything high performance – cars included. Which begs the question why ? Well, the simplest answer is, because the bike possessed a level of “synergy” beyond any previous bike that I had owed. And, for the record, synergy is a word that I use to describe the harmonious relationship between all working parts that gives a bike a sense of balance and poise that endures. Lofty !

  • Exclusive: Time Skylon Frameset First Seen

    Over the weekend, we had the distinct honor of being the first bike enthusiasts to see the new Time Skylon road bike in the flesh – here on American soil. And, it didn’t disappoint !


    The Skylon represents Time’s first real foray into the “aero” bike segment. However, unlike  most bikes vying for that distinction, my first impression of the new bike, above and beyond the French brand’s usual, exquisite attention to detail and fit and finish, was the handsome stature and elegant lines of the Skylon.