Frequently Asked Questions

  • “I’m just a casual rider and I don’t think that I need a fancy bike fitting.

    If cycling is something you enjoy, but you don’t do it often that maybe because it is causing you some discomfort or pain that just won’t go away.  You may have even gotten used to the feeling and just thrown it out as ‘this happens when I ride.’  It’s not your fault!!!  Our bodies have the adaptive qualities to adjust when we put them in uncomfortable positions.  BUT….you shouldn’t have to suffer at all in order to do something you enjoy.  At ATA, we want you to ride your bicycle often and have fun doing it.  A fit assessment here will absolutely make that difference.  You’ll want to ride more and you’ll become a better cyclist because of it.  We are so confident in our technologies and methods that we guarantee and stand behind our fit assessments and new bike builds.

    “I just want a bike that’s comfortable. Can you just look at me on my bike and tell me if it’s the right size?”

    This is similar to the following conversation with a contractor and a potential client:

    Client: “So, I know the details of how we build this house are important but do you think you can just eye-ball the measurements instead of using the methods and technologies you normally use?

    Contractor: “I’m so sorry sir, but the process of gathering all the right numbers is essential to being able to build this house to your liking as well as making sure it is safe and won’t fall down.

    Client: “Oh really, I had no idea it took all that work just to build it up…

    Contractor:  “Yes, it is a necessary process.  Also, we will get it done properly the first time rather than having you spend more money on fixing up the problems.”

    So many people believe that if they are riding recreationally that they don’t deserve a proper fit assessment….ATA would love to help change your mind!  If you spend some time with us in our fit lab we will be able to show you your before and after positions on the bike so you can come to a near instant realization of just why we must do things in a certain way to make sure all of our clients have improved comfort and efficiency on the road.

    “Why is the fitting at that price? What am I paying for exactly?”

    We offer 7 different levels of fit assessments here to accommodate a variety of riders.     The charge for fitting is dependent on time spent with you and the specific analytic tools we utilize during the fitting.  The cost of a fit assessment covers labor and the maintenance of the technologies we use to determine (to the millimeter) how your bike will be built up or how we are adjusting your current bike to make you more comfortable and efficient.  Most people will highly benefit from our Dynamic Assessment which takes about 1+ hours to complete (cost for this fitting is $300).  Your data will be entered into the database in case you ever need access to them for racing/traveling purposes.

    “My bike is already comfortable, why would I need a fitting?”

    You know that feeling when you discover how to make a good thing even better?  Well, if you have been riding your bike and you feel okay, that doesn’t mean that you are properly positioned.  Like mentioned earlier, our bodies get used to the positions we put them in because we are adaptable.  The problem with that is we only have one body to last us our entire lives!!!  If we are hurting our bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments while it’s possible that we don’t even know!  That’s where ATA can help…We can utilize all of the most modern technology to make sure that you don’t create any new injuries or exacerbate any old ones…and we can likely make you faster which is always a good thing.

    “I don’t want to buy an expensive bike or I don’t have an expensive bike. Why should I get a fitting?”

    We do not exclusively fit people with high-end bikes.  We don’t see fitting as a luxury service.  We see it as an essential ingredient to enjoy your bicycle comfortably and make sure that you are being most efficient while riding.  Sure, we can get into some pretty high-tech stuff, but you never have to go to those lengths.  Whether you are buying a $1500 bike or a $30,000 bike, we place the exact same amount of time and effort into gathering the data that is necessary to build up your bike.

    “Do you fit people coping with physical limitations that hinder their ability to ride their bicycle?”

    Absolutely!  Not only do we have the best selection of bikes, clothing, and accessories but we also have some seriously knowledgeable staff members.  The master fit technician and owner has been perfecting his fit methodologies for 20 + years and has worked diligently to help people with complex needs so that they may be comfortable on the bike.  One of our fit specialists’ is currently earning a PhD in Physical Therapy and has a background in Biomechanics, Kinesiology, and Exercise Physiology.  Between these 2 people, we can figure out how to build a bike for you no matter how complex the story.

    “The bike shop I bought my bike from fit me when I bought it. Do I really need another fitting from your shop?”

    In some cases, but not always, a lot of bike shops do a fitting of sorts where they make sure the bike is the right size and then adjust things until it looks right or you say it feels right.  These scenarios are not fittings in the way we do fittings.  At least let us show how we do our fittings and you’ll realize how comprehensive we are with fittings.

    “I’ve been fit before by someone, but it didn’t fix my problems. I’m hesitant to try again.”

    We’ve heard that one for years.  We assure you that our fitting process will work.  If a friend recommended us to you, ask them some in-depth questions about how their cycling experience changed.  If you found us online, look at some of the reviews other customers left, there are plenty to choose from.  Also, with us your fitting isn’t a one-and-done kind of deal.  If you have a problem with your fit, we’ll do our best to mend it.

    “I’ve heard of your shop before, but your one location is a fair distance away. Is it worth the trip?”

    Of course!  Even if you don’t have your mind set on a bike, we have a diverse selection of carbon bikes, frames, and wheels: Road, Mountain, or Hybrid.  We are also home to an ASSOS Pro Shop chocked full of premium bicycle clothing.  Plus we have a service area manned by experienced mechanics if you have any issues with your bike.  So, if you’re in the area, come by and check us out.  We’re open seven days a week and we have a small staff that you’ll recognize from day to day.  We believe that only having one location allows us to focus our resources and talent on making your cycling experience more enjoyable.  We know that it can be inconvenient, but we’ve had customers come from Louisiana, Chicago, California, Beijing, and the Netherlands (to name a few) that leave us excellent reviews and keep in touch to ask us questions about their bicycles.

    Why does Ata Cycle carry the most comprehensive bike frame brands and inventory?

    We see our frame inventory as an arsenal of choices for problem solving tools that the human body and soul offers as a challenge to cycling.

    Every frame we carry has unique properties, facilitating the ultimate solution to complex bike fitting and rider application and usage.  Even though Ata’s world class high-end frame inventory has huge carrying cost as a financial burden we have always been very proud of having the best in order to completely benefit our clients.

    “Why does Ata Cycle stock the products of 10+ shoe manufacturers?”

    We believe that the anatomy of the human foot is important to the comfort of cycling, and therefore deserves the largest selection of cycling shoes available.  At any given time we have 600+ cycling shoes from leading shoe manufacturers.  This way, we can ensure that we have shoes that will work for your anatomy and riding style.

    “Why does Ata Cycles carry/stock every respectful high end carbon performance wheelset instead of just highly advertised brands?”

    We have established an in-house lab that tests wheels for their angular velocity and inertial properties.  We know exactly what specific wheels offer with respect to the application of gravity and aerodynamic challenges. Ata Cycle carries carbon wheels from leading manufactures that have invested years of research and development with a laser focus of excellence, innovation and quality.

    “Why does Ata cycle only carry Assos Bicycle Clothing?”

    Assos is simply the best cycling clothing company in the market, with a very simple objective to maintain the highest level of engineering, innovation, and quality for cycling apparel.  They do this while also offer a range of styles and cuts for different riders.

    If you’re on the fence about Assos, come in and try some on.  Some of our staff have been trained at Assos’ North American headquarters in Canada.  If you tell them your goals, they’ll help you find appropriate apparel to fit your specific purpose.

    “Why does Ata Cycle not sell prepackaged/bundled complete bikes?”

    The entire effort of bike manufacturing practices are based on averages so that they can minimize the sizes of the bikes and diversity of available bike parts for consumers.  This very well calculated process allows manufacturers to carry less stock and limits the manufacturer’s financial exposure.  As a result, you are out of luck.  Our custom built bikes are often competitive enough with the final price at the point of purchase, but without any regular issue of future upgrades.  Our customers will never find that their bike got built with components that were unnecessary or under utilized.

    You have many levels of bike fitting. What level do I need to get fitted?

    Ata Cycle Fit Lab offers a total of six levels of fitting.  However, level 4 will deliver an assessment and a solution that will cover most riders’ needs, based on biomechanically optimized power and comfort.

    “Can I only get my cleat adjusted?”

    No.  Based on our past studies we have found that without correcting bike-fitting deficiencies there is no possible way set up the cleats correctly.  During our bike fitting assessment cleats will get adjusted electronically while also monitoring power discrepencies.

    “Can I get a seat analysis done without going to full fit assessment?”

    No. If you are experiencing uncomfortable pressures from your seat, it’s not always caused by the seat. Based on our studies over ninety percent of bike seat related discomfort has a lot to do with improper bike fit.  This ultimately puts excess weight on the sit bones and nerves.  The structural difference and material between seats helps you reduce the pressure, but it does not solve the cause of the problem.

    “I have a big race coming up. Will I be able to adjust for the new fit fast enough?”

    Our experience from fitting pro cyclists has shown that corrected positioning on the bike requires no time for transition.

    “Is my bike fitting fee separate than my bike purchase?”

    Our main function is to operate the most advanced bike fitting lab by utilizing cutting edge technology in order to solve even the most challenging of fit problems.  We must assess your anatomy, physiology, and biomechanical needs thus making fitting a necessary preliminary process to purchasing a new bike or making changes to an existing set-up.  The bike fitting fee is always separate from the bike purchase.

    “I am not local…is it a good idea to get fitted by you in case the fit does not work for me?”

    Ata Cycle Fit Lab has very long list of clients from all over the world, and we have never failed to deliver the best results during the initial assessment.

    “Why is Ata Cycles Best Pro Road Shop in the country?”

    Well, besides the InterBike award telling us we are the Best Pro Road Shop, we have a large client base that support us through reviews, and recommendations.  A good number of those people are in our shop every week to see how we’re doing, or to check in on new inventory we bring in.  These people are aware that they are our friends and we will continue to help them out in every way that we can with the highest level of service.  We work hard everyday to continue meeting new clients and forging new lifelong friendships.  Whether you are a professional rider, a businessman, a school-teacher, a contractor, or a student, you will we be treated equally when you step inside our doors.

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