Colnago started back in 1952 in a tiny workspace with steel bikes of bold and strong design.  Years later their bicycles are still well-known for their reliability, stiffness, and eye-catching design.  In fact, each of their carbon tubes and joints are molded around steel cores to get the smooth and strong lines of that of a steel-framed bicycle.  New frames are tested meticulously, whether it’s the first of its kind, or it is in the most recent batch.  All of Colnago’s frames are held to a higher standard of strength and safety by the company’s standards that surpass the international regulations.  Yet, a Colnago will never appear to look like a tank, its style will always stand out.

  • Colnago C60 Italialaterale-unbk_l_large
  • STRADA-SL-STRD_large