• OPEN Road Bikes, Bicycles & Frames | OPEN USA Dealer

    Now Open is a special company.  They don’t make a bike for each and every circumstance, they make two bikes with multiple uses.  First, you have the ONE+, the ultimate XC mountain bike machine.  The ONE+ will not only accommodate 29 inch tires, but it also takes into consideration 27.5 x 3.0 tires allow you […]

  • Passoni Road Bikes, Frames & Bicycles | Passoni USA Dealer

    Passoni has been making custom bicycles for avid riders and enthusiasts for nearly thirty years.  They started with wonderfully crafted steel frames in the late eighties.  Now, they still make steel bicycles, however they have migrated their focus to crafting frames out of titanium, and carbon.  Passoni also offers an array of pre-made frames to […]

  • Assos Bicycle

    Assos, the company that brought you the most comfortable cycling apparel you’ve ever worn, decided to release a bike frame a few years back, the Goomah.   Now it might seem weird that an apparel company would decide to make an actual bike, but from their point of view it seemed logically.  ‘In order to make […]

  • Lightweight Road Bikes, Bicycles & Frames | Lightweight USA Dealer

    A brand well known and respected for its incredible carbon wheels.  One day a question was placed in their hands: What frame would you create for your wheels?  The company put its designers and engineers onto the task.  What they ultimately created was something that is low in weight, high in stiffness, and cut from […]

  • Storck Road Bikes, Bicycles & Frames | Storck USA Dealer

    Started in 1995, the Storck brand has been innovating and pushing the limits on its bicycles ever since.  Constantly reworking and testing its concepts and technologies.  One thing you will immediately notice when looking at a Storck is its smooth connections from one line to another.  Although it might seem as an attempt to make […]