• Fit4Bike

    What is Fit4Bike? We’ve all seen those thrilling action movies, epic wide-scope fantasy movies, and awe-inspiring super hero movies.  They all cover different aspects of their genres differently, however they all have a few things in common: good vs. evil, the strong protect the innocent, and the hero’s journey.  Looking past all those themes, they […]

  • BikeCAD Pro

    BikeCAD Pro is a standalone application for bicycle framebuilders, shops and fit specialists. BikeCAD is a frame design tool for any style of diamond frame bicycle. The BikeCAD software allows designers to archive their designs in a database that can be searched by brand and model as well as frame style, material and size. » […]

  • BTS Bioengineering

    High-end motion capture technology that is used by NASA?  What’s it doing it doing in my local bike shop?  Let’s explore what these funny-looking BTS cameras do and how they’ll make your bike fitting experience that much greater. Main features – BTS Smart DX High frequency acquisition up to 2000Hz Resolution up to 2048×2048 pixels […]


    Biobike is a fully automated, dynamic fitting system, designed to identify and refine the acceptable range for saddle, handlebar and pedal positioning to a range of +/- 2mm within subjective and objective criteria, without requiring the mount/dismount procedure. Efficiency is determined by the integrated iCranks and software. Features 1. Bicycle frame measuring in a scientific […]

  • Dartfish

    Dartfish Motion analysis. Real time video tracking of your pedaling dynamics. Dartfish develops performance enhancing sport video training applications and exclusive televised broadcast footage. Integrate analysis tools and data management in your processes. Use complete analysis tools to qualitatively analyze video footage and for measuring 2D data. Understand human movements more accurately, as a result […]

  • Quintic Software

    Quintic Software provides Video Capture and Biomechanical analysis of an individual’s technique for cyclists, coaches, physiotherapists, podiatrists and sports scientists. The automatic digitization procedure in Quintic Biomechanics can be used to accurately and reliably generate kinematics data to use in an inverse dynamics analysis. This procedure allows the calculation of joint-specific power outputs in cycling, […]