World Bicycle Relief


If you love bicycles, and you want to give a helping hand to others across the world, why not help us bring an efficent means of transportation to people who need it. The World Bicycle Relief organization provide us, and you, with the opportunity to do just that.

Their goal is to mobilize people who experience distance as a daily barrier in quality of life.  With one bicycle, a child can attend school.  One bicycle can allow a patient to get the help they need, or a doctor to make house calls.  One bicycle can open job opportunities to remote places.  One bicycle can allow a farmer to sell his good to the people who need it the most.

World Bicycle Relief sources all of its labor from the surrounding populations.  The bicycles arrive in Africa completely disassembled and their 60+ full time employees put them together.  World Bicycle Relief also offers training for mechanics, as well as business, marketing, and management courses.  This allows locals to start their own bicycle repair services.

So how far does your money go with World Bicycle Relief?  Well any amount helps, but if you want to be certain that what you supplied is responsible directly for providing a bicycle, all you need to give is $147.